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Training Article - The Top 7 Web Site Mistakes!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, The Top 7 Web Site Mistakes  

Training Article - Top 7 "Web Site Mistakes" On Realtor Web Sites!

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A very important lesson for any Realtor with a web site!

You Must Make Sure Your Web Site Is As "Consumer Friendly" As Possible.

A big part of doing this is understanding the top 7 "Web Site Mistakes" Found On Realtor Web Sites.

1. Flash Introductions Without A Skip Option:

Flash introductions are a matter of personal taste and from a marketing standpoint it depends on who you ask. However one thing that everyone agrees on is that a flash introduction must always have an "easy to spot" button or link to skip it.

Not everyone wants to wait around and watch your flash introduction. Some people would prefer to get right into the site and find what they are looking for.

So if your web site has a flash introduction make sure there is a button or link to skip it. Also make sure it's easy to spot, don't make it "hidden" by making it very small and/or way down the bottom.

2. Using "Design Elements" That Get In The Way Of Your Visitors.

Would you do this?

* You sell an expensive product or you're a fund raiser getting ready to make the ask for a large sum of money.

* You walk into a potential client's office, introduce yourself, and place an information packet in front of the client.

* As you start to make your big presentation, the client reaches into the packet, extracts the contract/pledge form you hope he'll sign and grabs a pen.

* As the client starts to sign the lucrative, long-term contract/pledge, you reach over across the table, grab the client by the throat, and yell "Not so fast, I haven't finished my presentation!!!"

You wouldn't do that, would you?

Then why are you using design techniques that keep the visitor from getting to the sale? They're the web equivalent of grabbing someone by the throat. The golden rule of doing business on the Web is "Don't do anything that gets in the way of the sale."

Some of the many techniques that get in the way: splash pages, FlashSplash pages, animations, lack of focal point on the page, too much text, too many pictures, etc.

3. Too Much Material On One Page.

It's called a web page, but that doesn't mean you have to cram all your material on one page.

It's very easy to keep adding material to your home page until it gets out of control. Smaller business sites are especially susceptible because they fear they'll miss a sale.

With so much content vying for attention it's initially impossible for the eye to settle on one thing. People get confused and people leave. Pages with lots of disparate material means you have failed to organize your site properly -- probably a combination of not planning your site and poor navigation.

Most folks don't like to scroll.

4. Confusing Navigation.

Some Web designers like to show off their skills by creating new and different ways to navigate through a multi-paged site. Sometimes they hide links beneath icons or images, so that users can't find the links unless they mouse over the graphics. This may be very clever, but it certainly doesn't help people find what they're looking for.

Other designers put their navigation bars in different places on each page of the site, or change the look of the navigation bar itself, which can be awfully confusing. Navigation bars are like traffic signs: They have to be consistent and easily understandable to be effective.

The best way to deal with your navigation is to make it simple and obvious. It might seem boring and unoriginal, but that's the point.

5. Wrong Color Scheme / Bad Contrast.

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a site that you feel will be exactly what you're looking for, only to find that the information is unreadable due to poor background and text color choices.

For any business site, white or off-white is usually the best background for text readability and to make graphics pop out. Keep it simple and traditional here: black on white. Simpler is better for both readability as well as download time.

Designers sometimes reverse colors, using dark backgrounds with light letters. While dramatic, light on dark is harder to read. If you do choose to stray from black on white, make sure that there is enough contrast between your text and background colors so that your visitors will not have trouble reading your content.

6. Background Music.

This is simply annoying. It hurts your professional image.

Background music is more appropriate for a personal site. It's important that you present a professional image for your business site.

There is never a good reason for this! It's just plan annoying to most people.

7. Personal Information On The Web Site.

Many Realtors also include hobbies and facts about them on their web site. Although personal information can be interesting, it does not belong on a business web site. It is unprofessional.

Personal web sites can also run into the difficulty of mixed motifs.

Some Realtors start out by saying their name, and then talk about the company they work for, and then their pets, and then how much they like scuba diving, and then all the how fast they can sell your home.

This information is unfocused and scattered, and does not display well on a web site.

Training Article Summary

Remember to avoid making these mistakes on your web site! Don't let these mistakes lower the effectiveness of your web sites marketing power!

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