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Training Article - Time Management: Putting "Scrap Time" To Better Use!

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Training Article - Time Management: Putting "Scrap Time" To Better Use!

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You know how valuable your sales time is. But what are a few moments of your spare time worth?

If you make $50,000 a year, 20 minutes of your time a day is worth $2,043 a year.

With the bits and pieces of time that get wasted every day, you may be tossing thousands of dollars into the time-trashcan each year.

These pieces of scrap time can be put to productive use, however. All it takes is planning.

First, let me define "scrap time." Scrap time is, quite simply, any time that would be otherwise wasted.

It includes:

  • Waiting (for a client; co-worker; for a meeting to begin: on "hold" on the telephone; in line; in clients' offices or home).
  • Driving (in traffic; commuting; at stop lights; while car is warming up, while car is being gassed-up or serviced).
  • Thoughtless Tasks (doing something that takes no real thinking, such as collating, opening mail, stamping, closing envelopes, walking, jogging, riding bicycle).

Segments of scrap time generally run from one to 15 minutes and there are probably dozens of such segments in the average working day.

Scrap time can be put to use as productive "prime time" - but first you have to find it. Begin by taking some notes as you go through an average day's activities. You can use a small pocket-sized notebook or simply a sheet of paper. Starting with the moment you wake up in the morning, make a note of any periods of time that seem to fit into the scrap time definition. Note the length of each scrap time period. After keeping such a log for just a few days, you will be amazed at the amount of time that's involved!

Once you have learned to identify periods of scrap time, you then have the choice as to how you will use that time.

Sometimes you may choose to listen to the radio, daydream or just let your mind wander. That's all right. There are times when a quick nap is just the right way to spend my scrap time. I feel refreshed and ready to face the next barrage. The important point is that you have identified the scrap time period and then made a conscious choice to put it to some specific purpose - thus salvaging it from the scrap time wastebasket!

  • Some ideas on how to use your newly acquired time are:
  • Make a quick phone call to your office, a client or a prospect.
  • Plan your next sales call.
  • Review what you think your client needs.
  • Critique your last sales call.
  • Visualize your next sales call.
  • Write "to do" or "to call" lists.
  • Complete some paperwork.
  • Listen to a motivational or informational tape.
  • Write a quick note to a client or prospect you've met.
  • Do a relaxation exercise.
  • Straighten your work area.

To put scrap time to good use takes some forethought and planning. If you want to listen to educational tapes while commuting or driving to appointments, you will obviously have to be sure to have them in your car - along with a tape player - ahead of time.

* I also know of a Realtor who always listens to educational and motivational tapes while he jogs and exercises. *

If you want to use scrap time to catch up on reading, put a current magazine, newspaper or paperback book in your briefcase. I am rarely caught without something to read. I even take articles to the movies to read while I'm waiting for the picture to begin.

Take advantage of getting the most out of your scrap time. You'll be amazed at your increased productivity. If you put just 10 more minutes each day to productive use, it would equal one whole workweek a year!

Training Article Summary

Remember... Although we can't create more time, we can learn to use the time we have to make more of ourselves and for ourselves.

As a real estate agent your time is money... The more time you save, the more time you can spend on growing your business and increasing your income!

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