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Training Article - The Top 22 Closes For A Listings!

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Real Estate Training Article, The Top 22 Closes For A Listing  

Training Article - The Top 22 Closes For Realtors When On A Listing Appointment With The Homeowner!

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All closes are not created equal. Top producers realize every homeowner has specific needs and every situation demands its own close. While you may have found a close that works better for you than others, it shouldn't deter you from using a variety of closes depending on the situation. By learning the 22 trial closes, you'll stand a better chance of getting more listings. Knowing how to close many different ways will enhance your success.

When a homeowner delays listing, you use benefits to move him towards a signature. Then, ask again with a different close. Constantly use different closes throughout the presentation at each listing signal. Most agents fail to get a listing because they don't ask for it. They give the homeowner the facts and figures and wait for the homeowner to say, "This is terrific, I'll take it."

If you want the listing, you have to ask for it. You have to ask for it many different times and in many different ways during the presentation. Since homeowners are afraid of making a decision, they will say "no" several times before they say "yes." This is true even if they want it and are almost ready to list. If you don't ask several times with many different trial closes, you may stop selling and leave just as the homeowner was getting ready to list. Studies have shown 70% of all agents never ask for the listing. If you never ask for the listing, you will never get the listing.

Tension at the time of the close is natural. The agent fears rejection; the homeowner fears making the wrong decision. Using different trial closes helps the homeowner get past this moment of tension and gets him closer to a listing decision. Therefore, you shouldn't stop after just one "no," nor should you fail to use a trial close just because of tension between you and the homeowner.

Soft trial closes can be used early in the presentation. These closes are not pushy. They don't ask for a decision; they merely ask for an opinion. If the homeowner gives a positive answer to a soft trial close, you can then go to a stronger close asking for a decision. If they give a negative answer to a trial close, you go back to questioning and reselling benefits to encourage them to want to list and make it easy to close.

Here are 22 different closes and trial closes to help you ask for the listing. Use different trial closes throughout your presentation.

1. The Commitment Close

This close helps ward off the "I'll think about it" objection by obligating the homeowner to make a decision on the spot. Use this close when you are talking to a homeowner you feel will use the excuse he has to think about it. At the beginning of the appointment, you say:

All I ask is for you to look at what we have to offer, and tell me if it applies to you.

As you go through the presentation, make sure to write down the various comments of the homeowner. If the homeowner later says that he'll think about it, you can respond with a review of an earlier homeowner statement. You said, concerning selling your home, in point 4

2. The "Hot Button" Close

Warm up your homeowner by pushing their "hot buttons." Emphasize those benefits you know are the most important to them. Homeowners make 80% of their listing decisions on only 20% of the benefits. So hit their "hot button" over and over to get them "warm" enough to close.

For example, the homeowner agrees with the uselessness of open houses... so you must repeat it over and over with a few stories of past client examples of successful sales without using open houses.

3. The power of suggestion close

Help your homeowner visualize using your services. Speak to them as though they already have listed, and tie in a "hot button" benefit. Remember enthusiasm is contagious. You should talk as though they already listed and sold their home through you. Use the word "when" not "if."

When you sell your home, we will take a picture of us standing together in your front yard... just like these happy clients!

4. The "Yes, Yes" close

Ask "yes" questions, so when you close the homeowner is already in the habit of saying "yes." Each time they say "yes," they are closer to listing. Also, it becomes hypnotic. Eventually, "yes" comes automatically. Look at the following questions, and think about how natural it would be for the homeowner to answer with a "yes" to each one:

Do you want a quick sale?
Do you want top dollar?
Would you like to sell your home within 30 days?
May I show you some information?

5. The "Just Suppose" Close

In this trial close, you have the homeowner "just suppose" the objection didn't exist. You then ask if he would list. This tactic also helps you uncover and tackle hidden objections.

Homeowner: Your commission is too high.
Agent: Is commission your only concern?
Homeowner: Yes.
Agent: Just suppose you felt our commission was fair, would you list then?

What this does is expose the truth commission is not really the problem. All the objection is about is the fear of saying yes. By eliminating the fear, or postponing it, you move closer to the listing.

6. The Sharp Angle Close

The sharp angle close uses the homeowner's questions and comments to help you get a commitment to list. Instead of immediately assuring your homeowner you can meet all of their wants and needs, ask if they'll list with you if you can.

Use this opportunity to try a trial close by asking the homeowner to commit to listing if you can do what he wants. Then, give him what he wants. Never say you can do something extra for the homeowner without a commitment he will list if he gets what he asks for. Without the commitment, he will say "great" when you say you can do what he wants. Then, he will say, "Okay. Let me think about it."

Homeowner: I want a lower commission.
Agent: If I could get you a lower commission, would you list right now?

7. The Switch Place Close

When all else fails, ask your homeowner to tell you what he would do to sell the home. You might get a quick lesson not only on how to sell this person but also on how to sell more effectively to your other prospects. Use this close when you can't figure out why the homeowner won't list:

Mary, would you put yourself in my shoes? If you were selling to someone, and you didn't know why he wasn't buying, what would you do?

If you get an evasive answer, ask: Is it the price (me, service, etc.)?

Then, ask: What would have to happen for you to use our services?

8. The puppy dog close

This close gets its name from the pet store closing technique of letting prospects hold the animal they like, so they can't resist buying it. This close lets your homeowner see for themselves their need for your service. Make sure your homeowner holds, tastes, feels, wears and tries out your service. Once they have experienced using it, they want it more and it will be easier to get them to list.

Example: Let the homeowner go through your MLS book (or computer listing database/print out) and decide the price point on the home. I did this all the time. I handed the homeowner the book and said:

"Here is your competition. They all have priced their home at $99,900. As you can see, there are pages of them! At what price would you price your home so it would stand out and not get lost in this book/computer listing?"

What this did was to establish my professionalism with the homeowner. Not one homeowner ever answered the question but rather said. "I'll leave that up to you." That's the best yes an agent can ever get!!!

9. The summary close

To use the summary close, simply reiterate the homeowner's needs and wants, and show how your service satisfies them. You sum up what the homeowner has told you about what he wants, and give him his own reasons back for listing. No one can disagree with his or her own reasons.

From what you told me, you want an agent with experience, honest, and doesn't waste your time with useless activities such as open houses. Our company offers this and more! Don't you agree?

10. The physical action close

The situation arises where you have to call the office to check on the possibility of accomplishing something the homeowner has asked if you can do. While on the phone, talk as though the homeowner has already listed. If the homeowner doesn't stop you, she has listed.

Homeowner: I am happy so far but I have one question. What about this listing period? I find 180 days a little long.

Agent: Let me call the office and see if I can lower that. (During the call to the office, ask: Can we give Mrs. Homeowner a smaller listing period?)

When you get off the phone, tell the homeowner how lucky she was to have gotten the lower period. And show her on the listing form the shorter period. If she doesn't stop you, she's listed her house.

11. The hurry up close

This close implies it's to the homeowner's advantage to list now rather than wait until later.

Homeowner: Maybe I should wait.

Agent: You may want to list now. The reason is there are few homes in your price range in this neighborhood on the market today. This means buyers have less choices and the chances of getting your price are better. But if you wait, from my experience there will be more homes and then you'll have to be more competitive.

Training Article Summary

The top 22 closes, #12 thru #22:

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