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Training Article - Making The Offer / The Offer Presentation!

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Real Estate Training Article, The Offer Presentation  

Training Article - Making The Offer / The Offer Presentation!

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Today I am going to be spending some time on a real estate training area I have yet to touch but is one of the most important tasks to making money as a Realtor.

Making The Offer / The Offer Presentation...

Very little real estate training is targeted towards an offer. How hard have you worked to get this far? How many hours have you spent prospecting to get the listing? What about the hours of servicing? How many people have you spoken to about the home? How about MLS agents and their time? 

  • The bottom line is that you have invested plenty into that offer, so doesn't it make sense to make the best OFFER PRESENTATION possible?

This is where you benefit from effective real estate training. Allow me to shine my own apple. Before I discovered this 'Offer Presentation' system, I would lose out on getting offers accepted. Once I even lost an offer over a $39 light fixture simply because I had no SYSTEM for presenting offers. But once I did have this system, I never, and the word is NEVER, lost out on an offer again over something as foolish as a fixture. But you do not have to re-invent the wheel. In my real estate training programs I outline this system.

Offer Checklist Making Sure We Dot All The I's And Cross All The T's!

Issue Discussion Order

  • Does the buyer have pre-approved financing?
  • What are the fixtures the buyer is requesting from the homeowner in the offer?
  • What closing date is the buyer requesting from the homeowner?
  • What price is the buyer offering the homeowner?

95% Of Buyers Who Make An Offer Will Purchase The Home!

The following is a step by step approach I implemented during the offer. You may have to do a little real estate training yourself with this tool.

1. If the offer came from another MLS agent, then I always met that agent for coffee BEFORE we went to the house together.

Note: In my area, the MLS agent and the listing agent had to be both present at an offer presentation.

During coffee I would take out my Offer Checklist and go through it with the MLS agent, explaining to him that this is how the presentation will flow since it will increase the likelihood of a sale. I never had one agent disagree with me on it, and I never had an agent recognize an Offer Presentation as they never had seen one themselves! I guess they are not investing in real estate training!

2. At coffee I wanted to see that offer.

I explained to the MLS agent that we were in it together and that I had to be informed BEFORE sitting down with my client. Then the MLS agent and myself reviewed that offer and discussed the potential problem areas and their resolutions BEFORE going to the offer presentation with my client. Now that is how you do real estate training over a coffee!

Training Article Summary...

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