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Training Article - Five Success Habits Of Top Agents!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, Five Success Habits Of Top Agents  

Training Article - Five Success Habits Of 'Top Producer' Agents!

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You’ll discover that top producers follow specific success habits... This goes for "top producer agents" and those who are highly successful in any field!

Success has many factors, including hard work, education, patience, and more... however one "often forgotten" factor is HABITS...

Success Habit #1: Understand What You Are Selling

You are not in the selling of homes business. Rather, you are in the selling of yourself business. Once you understand this, you will not hesitate to invest money into the proper areas of the business to generate income.

Success Habit #2: Honking Your Own Horn

You must not be afraid to tell people about yourself. You need to become highly visible to your database of contacts to build success.

People WANT to hire and work with people that know... the more people KNOW you are an agent the better!

Success Habit #3: People Need To Know You’re Good At What You Do

It’s not enough for your database group to know you are an agent. They also must know you are a top agent. Only then will they refer business your way.

People WANT to hire the best when they hire, this goes for a real estate agent just as much as it goes for home renovation company. You need to make sure that people KNOW your the best!

Success Habit #4: More Target Group Inbound Calls Than Lucky Calls

Your goal must be to get your phone to ring with referrals from your database group rather than from ads, flyers and other marketing initiatives.

While this doesn't mean you totally ignore ads, flyers and other marketing.. Referrals are just so much better. You may get 1 listing out of 100 on general advertising but you could get 50 listing or more from 100 good referrals!

Success Habit #5: Divide Your Business Properly

You need to learn the difference between open market business and referral business. Once you understand this difference, you need to also know and implement the systems designed to harvest leads from both segments.

Open Market Business - This is what 97% of agents rely on! While this can be a good source of business, you must understand that you can't be a "Top Producer" if you only reply on this. This type of marketing is about getting a "listing" soon, like today or within a month.

Referral Business - This is about getting leads for future listings, it's about building a business for tomorrow, next year, and years to come! It's about building relationships with people in your databases and farm area. To be a top agent you must excel in this area!

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Training Article Summary

We first form habits and then habits form us. If you get into the habit of eating 2 bags of chips every night, then within a few short years you’ll find yourself with a weight problem. There’s nothing mystical or magical about becoming obese.

The same applies to success. Success is nothing more than a habit. To achieve success, one must implement success systems and remain loyal to those systems each and every day until success manifests in your life.

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