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Training Article - How To Build Your Self-Talk!

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Real Estate Training Article, How To Build Your Self-Talk  

Training Article - How To Build Your Self-Talk!

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Successful people are successful thinkers. They are professional thought managers. They have successful conversations going on within their minds about themselves, their abilities, the future and other people. But does this necessarily translate into enhanced success?

There are many factors to achieving success; hard work, educations, and skills. Some would say there is even a little bit luck involved :-) One important factor that many agents forget is "success thinking"!

To be a successful agent you must think like one!

NASA Scientist Proves The Power Of Self-Talk!

Dr. Jerome Stowell developed a sensitive devise for the purpose of measuring and recording emanations from the brain. When he first measured a radio station broadcasting with 50,000 watts of power, it registered at +9 on the meter. (The maximum it could register was either +500 or –500.) He then measured the emanations emitting from a sick individual, with confessed negative self-talk, the devise measured –500, with it even trying to get past the needle. Then he did the same with a healthy individual with designed self-talk and the devise measured at +500. He conducted even more experiments.

What Were His Conclusions?

That we emit our thoughts into the atmosphere, that they are measurable and have a direct influence our life, health and wealth.

But We Already Knew This!

I don’t think any of us needed a scientist to tell us what we already know. But sometimes it helps to convince us we should be investing more time in creating and maintaining the right self-talk within our minds.

So How Is This Done?

The exact same way it was initially created… with a few variations so you achieve the desired internal self-talk. Self-talk is created as follows.

1. You are…
2. He/she is…
3. I am…

This is the ‘word sequence’ and ‘word formula’ that creates your self-talk. By structuring your new self-talk in this manner, you will achieve results faster than any other method.

Self-Talk Re-Creation Examples

Here are a few examples of how I re-created my own personal self-talk. Now these are but three examples. As of today’s date, I have exactly 1879 self-talk designs on paper.

These new designs have made me into the kind of person I want to be, happy, friendly, satisfied and filled with enthusiasm for life!

1. A Problem Believing In My Plans

Have you ever noticed that most people do not have a plan, or if they have one do not stick to it for long? Well, I suffered from such a problem before self-talk management became a part of my life.

I have a thought tendency naturally running through my mind telling me I am not following a plan. It’s like I am saying to myself that the plan I am working on is not actually working, or not the best plan. What this would do to me is cause or convince me to jump from plan to plan, trying to find a plan to satisfy or reduce this self-talk. But the result would be total chaos and failure. So I re-created my self-talk in this area as follows:

1. You are following the right plan.
2. He is following his right plan.
3. I am following my right plan.

Within 37 days, my old thinking finally lost its power and this new thinking put me on the road to success.

2. Problem Believing In My Real Estate Service

Here’s another that really prevented me from moving ahead in the business. Inside my mind I really did not believe the marketing plan of Century 21 was any better than that of another company. So I was always thinking about joining another company, with a better marketing plan. Thankfully I knew better, that there really is little difference between companies, or else I would have jump from company to company. Here’s what I did with my self-talk.

1. You are the marketing plan of Century 21.
2. He is the marketing plan of Century 21.
3. I am the marketing plan of Century 21.

Within 19 days, I finally achieved a change in thought. I had successfully switched the power center from off the marketing plan and onto myself. Now I no longer needed to switch companies, as it was ME the prospects were buying and not the plan.

3. Problem With Self Perception

This really bothered me as an individual. In fact, it handicapped me severely. I had within my mind a thought track running all the time that required me to be viewed by others as a guy who had it all together, a super success of a man. And I can tell you there isn’t anyone out there who has it all together. But within my mind I demanded myself to be seen by others in this light. Basically what I was saying to myself was that I was better than other people. What this did was to create a very unfriendly person, a person very few people would like. Here’s what I did to fix this problem.

1. You are not better than other people.
2. He is not better than other people.
3. I am not better than other people.

In time, for it took 83 days for this thought process to be accepted within my mind, I finally was freed from that mental prison. I can tell you from personal experience it is not a great feeling to think more highly of yourself at other people’s expense. Today I enjoy people and love every friend I have in my life.

A Question For You

Are you getting what I mean by self-talk? Re-creating your self-talk is not something that happens in a few minutes, hours, or days. It is a life long process, one you will be continually adding to as you move towards your desired life and lifestyle.

Self-Talk Is The Work Of Success...

I think you’re now seeing success in a different light, aren’t you! Before you may have thought about success in terms of dollars made, listings secured, ends closed. But these points are not success, but rather the results of successful self-talk.

  • I can tell you with certainty that the level of your income today is directly proportional to your level of self-talk going on within your mind.
  • If you are at 20 ends of production per year, it is because your self-talk will ONLY ALLOW for 20 ends per year.
  • If you are at 40 ends of production per year, it is because your self-talk will ONLY ALLOW for 40 ends per year.
  • If you are at 60 ends of production per year, it is because your self-talk will ONLY ALLOW for 60 ends per year.

Now Listen To This Please!

The same applies to where you live, the car you drive and the amount of money in your
bank account.

  • You can NEVER live larger than the level of your internal self-talk about yourself.

Here’s What I Am Not Suggesting!

That success in life means having fancy homes, cars and money in the bank. No not at all.

Then what am I saying?

  • If you're striving for these goals and not achieving them, then you need to address your self-talk.

And goals can be anything, be it spiritual or material. Whenever your goals may be, the attainment of those goals is achieved through managed self-talk.

Next Point – Activity Goals

You also need to have managed self-talk in the area of your activity goals.
What are activity goals?

1. How many prospecting calls to make each week.
2. How many FSBOs to prospect each week.
3. How many listing appointments to attend each week.

As I Realtor, I insisted upon securing at least 1 listing per week within my self-talk. It is what I called minimum income performance. And I arranged my self-talk to achieve this goal by doing the following.

1. You are listing 1 home per week.
2. He is listing 1 home per week.
3. I am listing 1 home per week.

You must do this for every activity task you have for the business. Now you now why you can write out a plan but find yourself not following through on it.

A plan on paper will never work, as it is not enough. But your plan placed within your self-talk will cause you to work and achieve your plan.

Buy This Program!

Did You Just Hear What I Said?

You now have found the secret to success in life. This one point alone can transform your life to such an extent that you yourself would have a hard time believing it!

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