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Training Article - The Telephone As A Prospecting Tool!

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Real Estate Training Article, The Telephone As A Prospecting Tool  

Training Article - The Telephone As A Prospecting Tool For Agents!

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We are going to discuss the telephone and how you can use it as an effective prospecting tool.

Callers Qualify Automatically

How do they qualify themselves? They do so by answering certain questions you ask of them on your pre-recorded message or from the request form on your request site!

Allow me to say a few words about the phone system you'll need to get first. Call your local telephone company and see if they offer this kind of service. If not, you can purchase a phone system that does this as well. (That's what I had to do.)

You need to be able to offer 4 phone options immediately after they give you the details about the kind of home they want.

These 4 options allow you to understand the prospect extremely well. You will know their level of urgency… or what is better know as motivation. Also, you will know if they are already listed or not. Now if they are, I did not even bother to prospect them since they already were working with a Realtor. But for the ones who said they needed to sell before they bought… WOW!… listing time!

Your Message

Allow me to now give you the message you'll leave on the phone for them to hear and respond to when they call.

""" Thank you for calling "The Top 5 Best Priced Homes In Any Price Range" hotline! Through this FREE service, you get your hands on the BEST HOME DEALS matching your home buying needs! And here's how this FREE service works! At any time, there can be as many as 5000 homes on the market. Many are over priced, most are priced fairly, while a precious few represent GREAT buys that can save you 5, 10, even 15 thousand dollars! By using this hotline, you have the advantage over other home buyers because you will know the best deals first… whenever they come available! In a moment you will be asked to provide a brief description of the kind of home you want. After you leave us this description, we will mail to you the 5 best home deals in town matching your home description. It's that simple! To help us find your Best Deal as quickly as possible, please listen to these 4 options and choose the one that best fits you. """

Option 1: If you are planning to buy a home in the next 30 to 60 days, press 1 now.

Option 2: If you are not in a rush but plan to buy a home over the next 6 months, press 2.

Options 3: If you need to sell a home before you buy your next home, press 3.

Options 4: If your home is currently listed for sale with a Realtor, press 4.

(What I am about to write is not in the message. I am just going to speak to you, the Realtor, for a minute.)

So what do you, the Realtor, say within each option?

This same message.

""" Thank you! Please describe to us the kind of home you want. Please include the number of bedrooms, baths, the price you want to pay, and the area you would like to live within. After you are done describing your home, please leave your name, address, and telephone number so we can mail the Best 5 Homes Deal report to you ASAP. """

Why Is It The Same?

It doesn't need to be different! Because at the start of each day, you can go to your message manager and see if there are any calls, and know about their qualification based upon which Option Number the call was left with. Isn't that great!

Also, You Want To End The Calls With This Message

""" Thank you for calling this incredible FREE SERVICE! Your hot deals will be mailed to you today! """

Step 3: You Return Their Call or Email As A Service Call To Them!

Now here's the great thing about this system. Before you mail or email the information to them, you do a service call and double check the information with them. This gives you the personal touch that is needed to begin the follow-up program with them!

Training Article Summary

Now that's a system that is easy to implement and works with any form of advertising.

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