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Training Article - Take Control of Your Outgoing Email!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, Take Control of Your Outgoing Email  

Training Article - Take Control of Your Outgoing Email!

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Taking Control of Your Outgoing Email,
Here's the bottom line:

You need to 'know how' to get your email to your client/prospect in-boxes without getting it blocked by spam filters or redirected into their Bulk-Spam folders.

As the junk e-mail (SPAM) problem continues to grow, a new problem presents itself: the blocking of legitimate email messages. When such an e-mail is labeled as SPAM, this is known as a false-positive.

From a Realtors Perspective

Having your outgoing e-mails blocked by another person's SPAM filter is a serious issue. If an e-mail you sent to a customer, client or prospect is not delivered then this may result in the intended recipient believing you did not fulfill your commitment to communicate with them. As a result the relationship can suffer.

When Sending An E-mail:

1. You have no way of knowing whether a recipient's email is being filtered, and by what means.

2. You cannot control the SPAM filtering occurring on the recipient's ISP or personal computer.

3. You are unable to reliably assure your email has been delivered.

While the roots of this problem are obviously beyond your control, there are steps you can take in order to decrease the odds your email will be intercepted by a poorly implemented SPAM filtering process.

1. The Subject Line of Your Emails - Part 1

Many email filters concentrate on the contents of the "subject" line. With this in mind, you need to carefully craft the subject of your email to avoid overly promotional words often used in junk email solicitations.

While the potential list of words causing unwanted scrutiny is quite long, common examples of legitimate senders also use include: Available, Excellent, Homeowner, Low, Mortgage, New, Opportunity, Priced, Reduced, Deal, Buy, and so on. You must replace these words with other words so your email does get through.

2. The Subject Line Of Your Emails - Part 2

Always consider how your "subject" line might be misinterpreted by a "junk" filter before you send your email.

Too many abusive email promotional offers boasting "The BEST Whatever YET!!!" have caused many anti-SPAM efforts to trigger false-positives against even reasonable usage of capital letters and punctuation within the subject line, as well as based on the actual words themselves. Avoid using either if at all possible.

3. The Message (Content) Of Your Email

Please note spam filters also check the content on your message. Always consider how your "message" line might be misinterpreted by a "junk" filter before you send your email.

Avoid spelling words in all CAPS (i.e.: YOU MUST SEE THIS HOME)

Avoid over using certain words like: Available, Excellent, Homeowner, Low, Mortgage, New, Opportunity, Priced, Reduced, Deal, Buy, and so on. While one or two instances of these words will not cause a problem it can if your email message is full of these words.

4. The CC And BCC Field

A great deal of junk email is sent with many recipients listed in the "Carbon-Copy" and "Blind Carbon Copy" fields. While including just a handful of recipients usually will not trigger a false-positive, for large mailings (over 10) you should send individual email messages in order to avoid having your message treated as SPAM.

5. Personalize Your Email

When possible, put the persons name in the email you send out and also put the date. While this is not a guarantee your email will always get through filters, it does help because many "spam" emails do not include the persons name and/or the current date. This can sometimes help the filters determine your email is NOT spam.

Also, put the persons name in the subject line, This can sometimes help also.

6. Your Email Account / Program Settings:

When possible, make sure that the settings in for your email account in your email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc) are set so that your email will be less likely to be considered spam or unsolicited.

Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure your "From Email Addresses" and "Reply To Email Address" are the same.

2. Put Your Company / Organization Name, If Available, In The Settings.

3. If you have multiple email accounts, always use your ISPs outgoing mail server (SMPT) to send the email, even if the account is for your web site or other email accounts not provided by your ISP.

7. Avoid Using Free Email Accounts:

Use the email account that you get with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or from your hosted web site, your domain name email.

Do not use Yahoo, Hotmail, and other free email accounts. While there is nothing wrong with these free email accounts, because they are free (anyone can signup), email from these accounts is often "analyzed" by "spam filters" more often and more thoroughly.

Training Article Summary

Following these suggestions will likely require effort on your part, if you want as much of your outgoing email delivered as possible then the results are well worth the effort.

As you contemplate implementing these suggestions, keep in mind the potential cost of having any of your outgoing emails stopped by someone else's junk-email filters, or by those used by their ISP, and the real economic impact this could have on any one of your business relationships.

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