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Training Article - When a Listing Appointment Fails!

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Real Estate Training Article, When a Listing Appointment Fails  

Training Article - When a Listing Appointment Fails!

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We have all been there - went on a listing appointment and walked away empty handed. Then we suffer through a few hours of personal pain trying to figure out what went wrong.

Point 1 - Where 98% of the Failure Occurs

In 98% of the time, the reasons for your failure are two easy-to-remember words.

1. Trust
2. Rapport

You simply did not establish the trust and rapport required to cause the seller to list with you.

Trust Solution

You must use a testimony presentation. What is that? It is a presentation you use BEFORE you begin your listing presentation. It consists of at least 10, to a maximum of 60, testimonies from clients who have had a successful experience with you as their Realtor. Simply go through the testimonies with a seller before you begin your listing presentation and you will notice a remarkable improvement in your success rates when on listing appointments.

But what if you do not have personal testimonies to use? Then you need to ask your Broker for some company testimonies.

Rapport Solution

Rapport is a little harder to share within this type of lesson format. But allow me to do my best in a short manner.

Success with people is dependent upon you getting yourself out of the way.

What Do I Mean By That?

Well - buckle your seat belt for a minute. Got it fastened tight? Guess what? People are not really interested in you. Well, not just you actually. They really are not too interested in any body else but themselves.

Are You Rubbing People The Wrong Way?

How does one find himself in that terrible state? By talking to people about YOURSELF and YOUR interests. They are not interested in either. Rather you need to talk about THEM and what is of INTEREST to them - and in most cases what interest them the most is them - their lives - their opinions - their hobbies.

Eliminate These Words from Your Vocabulary

1. I
2. Me
3. My
4. Myself
5. Mine

That's what you must do to improve your rapport when on a listing appointment.

Add These Words Instead

1. You
2. Your
3. Their name

In other words, get talking about them. Say the words you and your as many times as you can - and add in their name as a mix and the result will be increased success rates when on listing appointments.

Let's now discuss body language and your need to understand how to read it when you are on listing appointments.

1. Develop Sensitivity Awareness: By understanding the role of body language in the decision making process will increase your success rates. You must become effective in the following areas.

1. Listening
2. Voice tone
3. Voice inflection
4. Facial expression
5. Repetitive movements
6. Muscle tension
7. Eye communication
8. Hand movement suggestions

Now That's A Mouth Full!

There are many books you can buy dealing with this critical success issue. Please make it a point to develop your skills in this area.

2. Be In Harmony: You must 'match and mirror' your prospect's body language. In other words, do and act as they do within body language. If they like to touch, you touch too. If they like to relax, you relax too. Get the point?!

But be careful not to be too obvious. The most effective matching is the head. Whenever your prospect nods, you must agree with a nod yourself.

Studies prove that when people disagree they subconsciously mismatch their body language gestures. So pay attention to this so that when you see their mismatches you can quickly adjust and get yourself back on the same page.

Let's now discuss a few more tips for more effective listing appointments.

1. Eye Contact: If the prospect feels you are not listening to them by observing that you are not looking at them, you will suffer loss on listing appointments. Effective eye contact proves to your prospect that you are listening.

2. Double Up On Listening With Your Tongue: Not only will you increase your success rates through the effective use of your eyes, you can further increase your success through your tongue.

You must occasionally repeat verbatim what your prospect says - especially their key words or phrases.

Restating in your own words serves to clarify communication, but you deepen rapport when you use their words.

3. Dress Yourself to Success: It is true - people do judge a book by its cover. Some studies suggest that up to 95% of the decision to do business is made within the first 5 minutes of meeting us.

Now That's Scary! This is why you must pay attention to how you look, how you dress and how you carry yourself.

4. Be Professional:This means you must not act in a way that causes people to think poorly of you.

1. Never curse
2. Never be negative
3. Never criticize your prospect
4. Never repay evil with evil by arguing with your prospect.

Training Article Summary...

You can find many books at your local bookstore as well as other articles and resources online that deal with this issue. Please invest your time to improve this skill and you will experience an increase in listing appointment success.

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