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Training Article - Prospect FSBOs Without Ever Speaking To Any of Them!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, How To Prospect FSBOs  

Training Article - How To Prospect 'For Sale By Owners' Without Ever Needing To Speak To Any of Them Face-to-Face!

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Prospect 'For Sale By Owners' (FSBOs) Without Speaking To Any of Them Face-to-Face
Written By Randy Roussie - Provided By YesFSBO (

Table Of Content:
Section 1 - FSBO Facts Every Real Estate Professional Needs To Know
Section 2 - FSBO Advertising Methods Used To Market Home
Section 3 - The Internet Flyer For Free Web Site Offer
Section 4 - The Request Site - It Belongs To You
Section 5 - What Does The Free FSBO Web Site Look Like?
Section 6 - Summary of Internet Web Site Offer Through A Flyer
Section 7 - The FSBO Service Package
Section 8 - Tips On Classified Ads

Section 1: Introduction

If you have any experience whatsoever with FSBOs, you already know just how difficult they can be upon first contact. Many FSBOs simply are rude and obnoxious to real estate agents. Then why prospect FSBOs? Let's review a few statistics to discover why you ought to make FSBO prospecting a priority within your marketing.

National Association of Realtors - FSBO Facts

  • FSBO Sale Success: "Only 8.3% of FSBOs are successful when selling privately.

What Do These Facts Reveal?

That it is in the financial interest for a FSBO to hire a real estate professional, as they will not only sell their home for more money but will net more money as well - even after paying the real estate fee.

Great - But How Do You Communicate This Benefit To A FSBO?

Well, it begins by understanding how a FSBO thinks when it comes to selling a home. Once you understand how they think you can follow a prospecting strategy designed to increase your odds for success at listing FSBOs.

Let's review their thinking now.

Section 2: FSBO Advertising Methods Used To Market Home

  • Yard sign - 63%
  • Friends and neighbors - 25%
  • Newspaper ads - 44%
  • Open house - 33%
  • Internet - 24%

Now Here's Where You Can Gain The Advantage!

Unless the FSBO is a seasoned professional experienced in private sales, they need all the help they can get when it comes to selling a home. Therefore, you will greatly increase your chances at getting FBSO listings if you will approach them on the basis of helping them to market their home.

But First You Need To Solve A Problem You Have Concerning FSBO Prospecting

What is that problem? The FSBO is the problem. You simply do not want to waste your time and energy on prospecting FSBOs since so many of them are not cooperative. Rather you want to weed out the difficult ones and work with only those who want to work with you.

So How Are You Going To Achieve This Goal Of Working With Only Cooperative FSBOs?

1. By sending all FSBOs a flyer by mail or dropping it into their mail box.
2. Then you will allow the flyer to sort out the un-cooperative from the cooperative.
3. Lastly, you work with only the cooperative FSBOs who responded to your flyer.

What Should You Advertise To FSBOs In Your Flyer?

Since FSBOs use yard signs, newspapers, open houses, friends and the Internet, you may want to focus on just one of these advertising methods in your flyer. We suggest you consider the Internet.

The Internet?

Yes and in our next section we'll show you how to use the Internet as a way to sort FSBOs into the uncooperative and cooperative categories.

Section 3: The Internet Flyer For Free Web Site Offer

What will you be offering to the FSBO through the flyer?

A free web site the FSBO will use to market his home to potential buyers on the Internet.

With You It's Free - With Others It Costs The FSBO Money!

You have probably heard about a few Internet companies who help homeowners sell privately by providing web site services. They usually charge $100 to $2000 for the service, depending on the package the homeowner buys.

There really is no need for any FSBO to pay for this service since you, the Realtor, can offer the exactly same service to them for FREE.

Now this will definitely cause you to stand out from the crowd of Realtors who cannot offer this service to the FSBO since they are not members of YesFSBO (

What Flyer Will You Use?

We recommend that you consider using this flyer.

Just visit YesFSBO ( to see a sample of the flyer.

What Happens When The Flyer Reads That Flyer?

They will be able to go online and visit your Request Site where the FSBO actually requests a free site from you.

Section 4: The Request Site - It Belongs To You!

We provide the request site to you should you decide to become a subscriber to YesFSBO (

What Your Request Web Site Looks Like:

You can see one online right now. Just click here to visit YesFSBO and see for yourself. There is a real example on the site.

What Happens After You Get A Request For A Free Site From A FSBO?

You will just log into your admin panel (you get the 'Admin Panel' we you become a member of YesFSBO) and authorize the FSBO to have a free site.

Section 5: What Does The Free FSBO Web Site Look Like?

You can see one online right now.

Just click here to visit YesFSBO and see for yourself. There is a real example on the site.

How Long Can A FSBO Keep His Free Site?

The FSBO can keep his site for as long as he wants.

How Does The FSBO Advertise His Free Site?

Since the FSBO is already advertising his home via classified ads, all he will do is to include the url of his free web site in his classified ads.

Does The FSBO Need To Submit His Site To Search Engines?

The answer to that question is no and here's why:

1. Search engines usually take 4 to 12 weeks to list a "new web sites", generally the FSBO will not be needing his web site this long - so it makes little sense to get it listed on search engines.

2. Furthermore... Generally only "full web sites" (a complete site with many pages, content, links, articles, and so on) do well on search engines - the FSBOs site is not a 'full web site' so to speak, it would be considered an "undesirable" by most search engines (any site like this would, not just the one we provide).

Therefore... The most practical and cost effective way for the FSBO to let buyers know about his web site is to simply include the url in his classified advertising.

Section 6: Summary of Internet Web Site Offer Through A Flyer

As you can see, offering a free web site though the flyer method is extremely effective in sorting out cooperative FSBOs. Plus FSBOs will perceive in you a positive light since there is real value being offer to them by you thanks to the free web site.

Next let's discuss a FSBO Service kit or package.

Section 7: The FSBO Service Package

You will want to create a 'FSBO Service' package outlining all the various materials you'll give to the FSBO as a 'pre-servicing tool'. The purpose for this package is to build the rapport needed during the initial prospecting stages so that when the time comes for the FSBO to list, they will at the very least give you a listing appointment.

Let The Kit Do Your Selling: Now you will allow the service kit to sell the FSBO. If the FSBO takes you up on the free web site offer, you will know since they will need to submit the initial information to you off your FSBO Request site.

Follow Up Calls: Once a FSBO does take a free site from you, we recommend that you contact the FSBO either in person or by phone.

Remember… You are talking to only FSBOs who want you to talk with them. You are no longer contacting them cold turkey. That's what makes this system so powerful. What do you say when you talk with them?

Mr. FSBO, do you want me to:
Drop by some open house signs?
2. Drop off some forms?
3. Take pictures of your home for your web site?

Do you see what I'm getting at here?
Use your service kit as the subject matter for your follow-up calls or direct contacts.

The Contents Of The FSBO Service Package:
1. Free web site offer explained
2. Classified ad sample
3. In-home feature sheets explained
4. Guest registration forms
5. Open house sign
6. A few purchase offer forms, other material necessary for your area, and buyer qualification forms
7. About me
8. Personal testimonies

Please prepare your service package on company letterhead. Also make sure each of the points are explained on their own page within the service package. In order words, page 1 will be just about the free Internet web site, page 2 about the sample ad, etc.

Allow me to go through each of these components of the FSBO Service package separately so you know how to make your service kit.

Page 1. The Free Internet Web Site

Simply insert a flyer here and allow the flyer to do your selling. But also add the following letter (below), also place it on company letterhead.

Sample Letter To FSBO (To Be Included With Flyer):

My Gift To You… A Free Internet Web Site

Increase Your Home's Market Exposure!

One of the secrets to a successful sale is enhanced market exposure. After all, if a buyer does not know your home is for sale then an offer is not possible. Therefore you must seek as many ways as possible to increase your home's market exposure. And with this free Internet web site, you'll do just that!

2. How Internet Buyers Will Communicate With You!

Through this web site potential buyers will be able to view your home online, in the comfort of their own home. Should they be interested in taking a further look at your home, they will simply email their request to you. Then you can reply to their email with a time that best meets your schedule.

3. My Service Pledge!And here's the best part, this web site doesn't cost you a penny! I will cover every expense on your behalf, from design to hosting. Plus if you do not know how to upload your home pictures to the web site, I will do it for you free of charge as well.

A Gentleman's Agreement!

Now why would I offer this free service to you? All I ask of you in exchange for this free and powerful service is the following."

If you change your mind and decide to hire a Realtor to market your home, all I ask is that you invite me over for an appointment so I can show you how I sell homes. I am not asking you to list with me! All I am asking is to have a chance to show you how I will sell your home.

5. How To Access The Free Web Site

If you're agreeable to this, then go to the following web site address.

(Place your 'FSBO Request Site' url here)

When there, just complete the form and submit your initial information to me so I can create your site.

Any Additional Questions Just call or email me and I will be happy to help. I look forward to getting your site up and going today!

Yours truly,
Your Name & Info

Page 2. Classified Ad Sample

This is the only type of ad I recommended to FSBOs. There is no need to write a fancy ad, as it does not increase call results.

Classified Ad Sample

The purpose of an ad is simply to get your phone to ring. This is why you want to limit the wording of your ad to only the most basic information a buyer would need to initiate a call. Here's my suggestion.

Private sale. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2-car garage, located in (area), asking $199,700 Call 555-5555. Internet Open House at:

And by including your Internet web site address in your ad, you are allowing buyers to take a look at your home to see if it matches their needs. This will mean only interested buyers will call, requesting a time to view your home.

This separates the lookers from the buyers, saving you time and effort when scheduling showings.

Page 3. In-Home Feature Sheets

Here's another way to help the FSBO out that really impresses them about your character and professionalism. You will make feature sheets for them. That's right, you will even take the exterior and interior pictures, have the sheets printed up in full color, and include a table display stand as well.

Remember, when prospecting FSBOs it is this pre-service that is the 'phone language' you need to learn!

As you will soon see, you are going to need to have a sample of a feature sheet within the service package.

Say This On Page 3 Of The Service Package

In-Home Feature Sheets With Display Stand

Feature sheets give you the opportunity to highlight every good feature of your home to your potential buyer. The reason you will want to have a feature sheet is that it's very unlikely a buyer will place an offer on your home during first visit. (Usually your buyer will view the home 3 times before making an offer.) So it is important they have a professional description of your home when making the decision to see it for the second and third time.

I have included a sample of a feature sheet for your review. If you would like me to prepare a feature sheet for your home, including pictures, I would be pleased to help. And of course, I'll do this completely free of charge for you. Plus I will include a display stand as well so you can place the feature sheets in a prominent location within your home.

Page 4. Guest Registration Forms

Basically they are sign-in sheets where buyers will write their name and telephone number so the homeowner has a record of their visit.

You will want to invest into nice looking guest registration sheets for your FSBO prospect, and include a sample within your service package.

Say This On Page 4 Of The Service Package

Guest Registration Forms... And of course you will need to keep a record of every buyer who has visited your home. I have enclosed a sample for your review.

Page 5. Open House Signs

As a Realtor, I invested into open house signs for FSBOs. These were generic signs that simply said 'Open House' on them. How many signs do you need? That depends on how serious you are at listing FSBOs. Personally, I had 4 signs available for each FSBO. And with the large number of FSBOs I prospected, I had to have 200 signs available in inventory.

But I do not recommend you invest in sign inventory until you get a feel for what you will need. For now you should get yourself 16 signs, which will allow you to pre-service 4 FSBOs.

And you will want to take a picture of a sign so you can add it as a sample photo within your service package.

Say This On Page 5 Of The Service Package

Open House Signs... You will need to have 4 open house signs so you can direct buyers to your home when doing your open house. I can supply you with up to 4 signs, completely FREE of charge. All you need to do is ask and I'll drop them over to your home. And I have included a sample photo of the sign on the next page for your review.

Page 6. Purchase Offer Forms

Once again, a simple form you can add to your service package. I recommend you include no more than 10 forms within your service package.

Say This On Page 6 Of The Service Package

Forms... There are several forms you will need for your buyer. I have enclosed samples of each. And once again, there is no charge for these forms. And if you need my help completing any of these forms, just ask!

Page 7. About Me

You will want to include a page that outlines your experience, awards and service philosophy.

Page 8. Testimonies

You will want to add at least 3 testimonies to your service package.

You will want to add at least 3 testimonies (more if possible, the more the better). Place the testimony first, then the clients name and contact info under the testimony. Use 'Testimonies' as the page heading.

Section 8: Tips On Classified Ads

Where do FSBOs advertise in hopes of finding a buyer for their home? They advertise in the FSBO section of their local newspaper. Now who do you think is also reading the FSBO section of the paper?

1. Existing FSBOs
2. The soon to become FSBO who is just checking out ads and how to write them by reviewing FSBO ads in the paper.

This presents you with a passive prospecting method for reaching existing FSBOs and the soon to be FSBO. All you need to do is write a short classified word ad and place it in this section of the paper.

But First!

You will need to know your FSBO Request Site report web site address. You'll send the FSBO to this address so they can give you their initial contact information. With that information, you can set up their free web site.

Send Them To Your Request Site Url

Always remember to send FSBOs to your request site, regardless if you are prospecting them by the flyer or by way of an ad in the classified section of your paper.

What To Say In The Ad:

YOURS FREE! Expose your home to thousands of buyers on the Internet with your very own web site. Just visit: (place your 'FSBO Request Site' here)

About Passive Prospecting!

I want to say a few words to you about passive prospecting. Firstly, what is passive prospecting? It is prospecting that DOES NOT have you face-to-face with your prospect. What you need to know about passive prospecting is that the results are much lower than direct face-to-face prospecting. You should not expect to run an ad in the FSBO section and end up with 100 new FSBO leads in one day.

What Can You Expect?

In my experience, this form of FSBO prospecting generated for me 7 to 11 new listings per YEAR. I ran the ad in the paper 365 days per year, investing slightly over $2700 per year in ad fees. Of course I made more than $2700 in commission so it was profitable for me to run this type of ad campaign. But at the very least, you should run an ad in your paper 3 days per week to generate a decent level of response.

Training Article Summary

The entire idea about a service package is to get your foot into the door. And here's what I really want you to do:

Get into the FSBO's home; take the pictures that are needed for their free web site and then do up their free web site for them!

Now that's the inside track to success. Do as much as you can for the FSBO and you'll end up listing plenty!

Prospecting Tip…

You may want to go online to the other 'fee' based FSBO services that charge FSBOs for web sites. When there, grab the FSBOs contact information and then email the FSBO offering your FREE web site service.

After all, why would they stay with the 'fee' sites when your service is free? And why not remind the FSBO that they can probably get their money back when canceling the fee-based service, as most do offer a money back guarantee.


Please remember to visit YesFSBO at for more details on the free web site system.

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