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Training Article - Increase Your Odds Of Getting The Listing!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, Getting The Listing  

Training Article - Increase Your Odds Of Getting The Listing!

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The Language Of Testimony!

But how do you introduce a testimony presentation before you begin your listing presentation? It's easy, just use this language.

A. Realtor:

Folks, there's no doubt at all 'Company Name' is great at selling homes. Our name stands out in the market as one of the very best. But what about my name, (Your Name)? How do you know if I am any good at selling homes?

There's only one way for you to know the truth about me and it is through the experience other people have had with me. This is why I would like to discuss a few testimonies about my experience so you know you are going to be working with an agent who knows what he's doing.

Prospect: Ok.

Realtor: Let's begins with Mr. And Mrs. Brown, (then tell the story).

Continue on until you notice the prospect is swaying in body language towards you and once this happens, say the following:

Realtor: Allow me to ask you two questions before we move into how 'Company Name' will successfully sell your home at top dollar.

Question 1: Based upon these testimonies.... Do you think 'Your Name' can sell homes?

Prospects: Yes.

Question 2: Do you think 'Your Name' can sell your home?

Let's Return To The Lesson

Do you know what you are doing with the client when asking this second question?

You are asking for the listing BEFORE you even begin the listing presentation.

This is both powerful and essential so you can properly do the listing presentation. Allow me to say something before I continue. In all my listing appointments I only lost 3. That's how good this sequence is for getting a listing! So please, always do the testimony presentation before the listing presentation and ask the two questions we just discussed.

Agreement Before The Presentation Begins

You must have this agreement before you begin the listing presentation. The prospect must be sold on your ability as a Realtor before they can be sold on the service you provide as a Realtor.

Are you understanding what I mean?

Next.. The prospect will say yes to these questions. And when they do, shake their hand and say the following.

Realtor: Thanks for your vote of confidence. Now let's find out if you feel the same way about 'Company Name'!

Training Article Summary

If you will introduce the testimony presentation before you listing presentation, you will sign more listings.

But First

You need to really get your hands on the '12 Reasons Why' listing presentation. It's only a few dollars and you'll make more money with less effort. It's less than the cost of a decent dinner and a couple of tickets to the movies. Click here to review this listing presentation.

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