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Training Article - Unique 'Farm Area' Marketing & Advertising!

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Real Estate Training Article, Tips On Marketing In FarmArea  

Training Article - Seven (7) Unique Ways To Market & Advertise To Your Farm Area!

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Unique Ways To Market & Advertise To Your Farm Area:

Prosper marketing and advertising in your farm area is very important for any real estate agent. Marketing "the right way" involves more than just sending out flyers (or mail outs).

There are many unique and effective ways to market the people living and working in the area - remember, success in your farm area depends on getting your name "out there" as much as possible, so can benefit from more listing and sales.

Also, Your farm area enables you to market in ways that you most individual agents cannot otherwise do on a "city wide" basis, because of the cost and other factors.

1. Bus Stop Sign (Ad):

Many areas now have "enclosed" bus stops with advertising on them or small advertising signs as a part of the "bus stop", this is a way for the transit commission to make a little extra money. Consider adverting at a bus stop or stops in your farm area.

2. Sponsor A School Club, Sports Team, Or Event:

What better way to reach the parents of the community than to sponsor the local sports team, school even, or other "School sponsoring" in your farm area.

Most schools need people to donate money to their sports teams, drama clubs, theatre productions, and other things.

There is many ways you can help out the local school, at the same time getting some free advertising and "build rapport" with the people in your farm area.

3. Local Volunteering:

You may be very busy, but if you can "donate" even an hour of your time each week or month, why not consider volunteering at a local school (Schools often need help with lunch programs and other things) or at a local community center.

This will give you an opportunity to 'help the community' (the farm area), at the same time you can meet new people in the area (potential clients).

4. Non-Traditional Mailings:

In addition to more traditional "mail marketing" (flyers, postcards, just listed, just sold, etc.) you should also be mailing out other things. Do things that DO NOT "involve" real estate, but rather giving the prospect something they want or will enjoy.

Some Good Ideas Are: Free Information Offers, Jokes, Contests, & Community Information.

5. Give Away Free Gifts:

There are a few inexpensive items that you can purchase and then pass out (or have dropped off in all mailboxes) in your farm area.

There are items that people use everyday, that you can order "personalized" with your name and information on them.

Some Examples: Note Pads, Fridge Magnets, & Pens.

6. Free Coupon Marketing:

Make a deal with a local business (a good one is a pizza place) and get some coupons printed (with your name and information on them) and then mail them out to the people in your farm area.

This is a great way to market your farm area, you can use coupons for local business, ones right in the neighborhood are best.

7. Holiday Cards:

Send out "Holiday Greeting" to the homes in your farm area. This is yet another way to "Get your name in front of people". From Christmas to Halloween, there are lots of holidays thought the year that you can do this with.

Training Article Summary...

Establishing yourself" in your farm area takes time and effort, you must market to your farm area often and in many different ways.

In the long run, you will get it all back and more. That's why "farming" so important, it's about building a long lasting "relationship" with the community that will bring your more business and referrals.

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