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Training Article - Farm Area Marketing & Why A 'Farm Area' Is So Important!

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Real Estate Training Article, Farm Area Marketing  

Training Article - Farm Area Marketing & Why A 'Farm Area' Is So Important!

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Many agents have what is called a "Farm Area" (or more than one). A Farm Area is a neighborhood, area of town, or smaller comminity where you focus a large part of your marketing efforts.

For Example: In the city that I live in, Fredericton, New Brunswick, there is an agent who focuses most of his marketing in an area called "Marysville" and another who focuses most of her marketing in the downtown area.

By focusing a large portion of your marketing in a particular area or areas - you have a better chance of "saturating" that area and "branding yourself" to those people who live and work in the area.

This is why having a farm area is so important!

The Reason "Farm Area Marketing" Works Is Four Fold:

1. "Farm Area Marketing" Enables You To "Brand Yourself":

As a real estate agent you already know the important of "branding". People purchase products and services that they are familiar with - like Pepsi Cola or McDonalds.

You ever notice how companies like Pepsi & McDonalds market so much. They are among to worlds biggest spenders of TV advertising, event sponsoring, and most other forms of advertising. It's because they know the important of always having their brand "in front of the people", so the speak.

By focusing your a large part of your marketing efforts in your "Farm Area" you are better able to "flood the area" with your marketing. You stand a much better change of "branding yourself".

2. "Farm Area Marketing" Give You The Opportunity To Build Trust:

People like to work with people they "know and trust", this is very similar to branding yourself a but a little different. Over time, as you work with people in your farm area, you build trust within that community.

Remember... people talk, word gets around, people see! Each time you sell in your farm area is one more way to build trust, each person you meet is another, each "good deed" you do is yet another.

That is why marketing in your farm area is so important - and not just traditional marketing like billboards and 'mail outs'. You should also be sponsoring local events, helping out local charities, and making sure that your entire farm area knows each time you list and sell a home!

As the months and years years go by, you will keep building trust, and keep getting more business from your farm area.

Remember that farming is not about "quick sales", it's about building a long last business relationship with the community that will deliver results for the long term, and results that will continue to "grow" (get better) over time.

3. "Farm Area Marketing" Levels The Playing Field:

As an individual agent, you don't have the money that companies like ReMax or Coldwell Banker have to market nationally (across the USA) and unless you have a ton of money, you most likely don't have the resources of your office (or bigger local real estate companies) to market effectively thought all areas of your city, county, or state.

Advertising and Marketing is all about "repetition" - you must get your name in front of potential clients over and over again, time and time again, and never stop!

Billboards, postcards, flyers, yard signs, bulletin boards, phone calls, emails, drop offs, holiday cards, newspaper ads, event sponsoring, bus stop signs... again and again - GET MY POINT!

By spending your marketing dollars in your farm area, you can ensure your name is in front of the people many times... over a long period of time. You can't "brand yourself" and build trust overnight!

4. "Farm Area Marketing" Is Great For 'Word Of Mouth' Advertising:

As you work to build trust in your farm area over time you will get referral and passive leads more than from most other forms of marketing.

Neighbors know one another, people talk, people can see the homes that you are selling, and hear about the service you provide. It's like getting "FREE ADVERTISING"!

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective types of advertising.. But also remember that "bad news" travels faster and further than good news, so treat those in your farm area extra well!

Training Article Summary...

Long Lasting Business Relationships, Repeat Business, and Referals! That's what "farming" is all about.

Establishing a farm area for yourself is a must for agents! Over time you want your business to be as "referral based" as possible, by building trust and establishing yourself as a "brand name" in your farm area, you will be closer to this goal than you could think!

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