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Training Article - Email Etiquette For Real Estate Agents!

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Real Estate Training Article, Email Etiquette For Realtors  

Training Article - Email Etiquette For Real Estate Agents & Realtors!

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The proper "Email Etiquette" is very important for any business, especially real estate agents. Using email the wrong way can 'send the wrong message' and make you look unprofessional.

You will be exchanging emails with clients, prospects, co-workers, and business partners, so you need to make sure to use proper "Email Etiquette". This will make you look more professional and communicate more effectively.

Email etiquette includes many things, like for example: avoiding a few common "taboos", 'good manners', and using proper grammar and spelling.

Below You Will Find Some Tips On Proper Email Etiquette.

Tip #1: Stay On Topic:

When writing an email, make sure you stay on topic. If you keep to the "subject matter at hand' you will better keep the attention of the reader. Remember to keep your ‘Subject’ line on topic as well; this is like the ‘title’ of your email. If you need to discuss multiple topics, do it in two (2) different emails.

Tip #2: Grammar And Spelling Do Matter:

Would you mail a letter to clients that is full or spelling errors or grammatical mistakes? You wouldn't right.... Then don't do it in an email.

Grammatical and spelling errors make you look unprofessional and can make your email harder to read and understand. This is a big "DON'T DO" when emailing clients and potential clients.

When you send an email, be sure to use the 'spell check' feature of your email. Also, it's a good idea to read the email over as 'spell check' doesn't find everything.

Tip #3: Icons, Animations, Smiley, Etc - DON'T:

In most email programs, you can make your email "more fancy" by adding animations, icons, 'smiley faces', and other graphics.

95% Of the time, these animations and icons end up looking "cheesy" and unprofessional. This is fine for personal email with your friends and family but not for business.

Would you mail a professional letter to a client with a photo of "Dancing Monkey" on it? You shouldn't do this in an email either!

Tip #4: Don’t Be Hasty When Writing An Email:

Don’t be hasty; never send an email in anger or when you are upset. During these times, we tend to say things we wouldn't normally say or pay little attention to "how we say sometime".

It's best to wait until the negative mood has passed.

Tip #5: Use BCC When Sending To Multiple Recipients:

When sending an email to multiple recipients (more than one person), use BCC (blind carbon copy). BCC means that a copy of a message will be sent to each recipient without their addresses showing on the message for others to see.

Tip #6: DON’T SHOUT!

Typing in ALL CAPS is considered shouting in an email. CAPS should only be used for emphasizing certain words. It’s best to avoid CAPS completely by using another means of emphasis, such as italicizing, underlining, or bold text.


Tip #7: Reply Back Promptly:

When you receive an email be sure to reply back in a timely fashion. Nothing is worse than getting an reply to an email that you sent weeks ago - in a way, this is almost worse than never getting a reply at all. Try to set aside a little time each day just for this!

Training Article Summary:

Email is just like the phone, it's a powerful tool to communicate with your clients and market to prospects. but just like the phone, if not used properly, it can do a lot of harm!

As a real estate agent, you must ensure that you "look professional" in your email and are effectively communicating with people.

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