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Training Article - 6 Ways You Can Get More Referrals!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, Get More Referrals  

Training Article - 6 Ways To Get More Referrals!

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Here's a very effective model for asking for referrals. I strongly suggest you record the essence of this model in a place you can carry it with you whenever you go on any appointment.

Please refer to it before each appointment you plan to prospect for referrals, until you have it down pat. The language you use should be genuine to your style. Hit every step in this model and you will receive tons of referrals without resistance.

STEP #1: Treat The Asking With Reverence.

First, make sure you create enough time to have a conversation with your client about referrals. Gain enough time for the appointment and manage your time on the appointment so your request isn't rushed at the end. Also, the best time to ask for referrals is after the listing is sold or the buyer finds the home of their dreams!

Open up the discussion with a statement such as, "Bob, I have an important question I've been meaning to ask you." This will get their attention and show them this is important to you. If you feel awkward in asking for referrals, you won't treat the asking with reverence. But this is the most important of all the steps, so you must overcome your awkwardness.

STEP #2: Ask For Their Help.

All successful people in this world have learned that it's a sign of high self-esteem to be able to ask for help. If you are serving your clients well . . . if they like you and trust you . . . they'll probably be happy to help you - you just have to ask. I used to use the phrase, "I'm trying to expand my business and I need your help." It's a phrase that's worked well for me. Lately I've been saying, "I'm trying to build my business and I value your help." I'm still asking for help, but the word value is also a show of respect for them. I ask for help and honor them at the same time.

STEP #3: Explain The Process.

Before I engage my client in exploring who they know, I usually explain what will happen if she gives me a referral. If I found her through a referral, I'll remind her of that and remind her of how I contacted her. Then I'll say something like, "If you choose to referral someone to me, I'll ask you to call them first, just to let them know why I'm calling. They'll probably appreciate a call from you, someone they know." Whatever your process for contacting your new prospect, let your client know that it will be professional and you won't become a pest.

STEP #4: Gain Permission to Explore.

This step is important because you want to have a conversation that allows you to have some influence on the quality of referrals you receive. It's also important so both you and your client feel comfortable in the conversation. Try saying something like, "I was wondering if we could explore who you know who might also benefit from the type of work I do. Are you comfortable with that?"

Another approach might be, "Barbara, let's brainstorm for a minute on how I might be able to help someone you know. Could we do that for a minute?" If you gain their permission to have this conversation, you'll feel more comfortable in the process and you'll probably get much higher quality referrals.

STEP #5: Sharpen Their Focus.

It is best that you don't throw open the entire universe for them to consider with a statement like, "Who do you know?" It is more effective to help them picture a smaller group of people in their world. If you know they're active in their church, temple, or the Chamber of Commerce, you can start there. If you're looking for clients that fit a specific profile, share that profile with your referral source. You may not get as many referrals, but the ones you do get will be just what you're looking for.

STEP #6: Collect Names.

As you begin to ask on a more regular basis, you'll notice that many of your clients will begin to think of several people almost all at once. Let them "free associate" for a few minutes. Record the names and then go back to learn more about each one. Don't be surprised when one of your clients pulls out a directory for their association or club. When this happens to me, I try to help them focus on three to five quality referrals. I tell them I'll be back for more at a later time. To me, quality is even more important than quantity.

Your next action step should be to put this model to work. I suggest you begin with the client who loves you the most. You can bumble through this process and still get a great referral. You'll have success, you'll refine your approach, and then you can move on to those clients who only like you a lot.

And Remember…

'Referrals' is how a Realtor spells retirement from cold call open market prospecting.

Therefore you might consider making the '12 Reasons Why' listing presentation a part of your referral tool kit. It automatically makes the referral process work for you by creating a positive image of you in the mind of the homeowner.

You can review this listing presentation here.

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