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Training Article - Tips, How To Deal With Difficult FSBOs!

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Real Estate Training Article, Deal With Difficult FSBOs  

Training Article - 5 Tips On How To Deal With Difficult FSBOs!

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Working with FSBO's is rather easy except when it comes to addressing their personal ideas on how homes sell and their expectations of Realtors.

The #1 problem with a FSBO is that we, the real estate sales industry, have trained them into their belief system concerning home selling strategies.

After all, don't we tell the general public that open houses and newspaper ads sell homes? We know the massive majority of homes are sold by the MLS and not ads or open houses.

No wonder then that they, the FSBO, think selling a home is as easy as doing an open house or running an ad in the paper. So how do you resolve the conflict which exists between the FSBO and the Realtor in terms of this knowledge?

Tip 1: Tell the FSBO straight up that selling their home is more important to you than listing their home. Here's what I said:

"Mr. FSBO, I could be like almost every other Realtor and tell you a bunch of fairy tales about selling homes just to get your listing. But that's not what I'm about? I want people to treat me with honesty and respect when doing business. For example, I don't want my insurance agent telling me foolishness just to sell me a policy. Now I am sure you do not want your Realtor telling you stories... is that correct?"

Tip 2: Tell the FSBO that Realtors who cut commission are almost always out of the business within 12 months.

"Mr. FSBO I am a professional Realtor, and not a part-timer who will cut their commission since they have no interest at all in building a long term career. In my experience, Realtors who cut commission soon find themselves in another occupation. In fact, most are out of the business within 12 months. So cutting commission should be the first sign to you that you are dealing with the wrong kind of agent... someone who you should not trust to sell your home. After all, if they are quick to give away their own money, how fast will they do so with your money?"

Tip 3: Tell the FSBO you do not spend money promoting his home but rather you invest it into the successful sale of his home.

"Mr. FSBO... advertising and open houses are spending and not investing items in terms of selling your home. I will only invest money into your home by placing the money on proven marketing strategies which work and no other item is proven better than the MLS and selling into the MLS. Allow me to explain:"

Then explain how the MLS allows you to identify a move-up home seller.

Tip 4: Tell the FSBO about your guarantee.

"Mr. FSBO... here is my guarantee. It's easy. If you want to fire me at any time during the listing period just let me know and you can without any hassle on my part. Does that sound fair?"

Tip 5: Tell the FSBO about commission in a better way. Let's say your area has a standard MLS commission of 6%.

"Mr. FSBO, the standard MLS commission on our board is 6%. So let's say another agent would work for 4%, which would be 1% to him and 3% to the selling agent. Your savings would be 2%. So it's really 2% that we are talking about here and I would like to sit down with you and show you why I am worth that extra 2%."

Then do your deal on the presentation!

Training Article Summary

FSBO's tend to get easier and easier to work with and list after you get a few under your belt. Almost all have the same reasons and objections to listing their homes. So when you reach the point of feeling comfortable with your answers to these objections then you'll see greater success in listing FSBO's.

"There is no such thing as failure... I haven't failed. I've found 10,000 ways that don't work." - Ben Franklin

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