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Training Article - 10 Tasks To Drastically Improve Your Results!

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Article written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie, for more information on Randy, click here or his products here.

Real Estate Training Article, 10 Tasks To Drastically Improve Your Results  

Training Article - 10 Tasks To Drastically Improve Your Results!

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We will discuss 10 tasks you can implement into your business to drastically improve your results.

Task 1: Quiet Time

Before you begin your busy day set aside some time for reflection. The amount of time to set aside must be at least 15 minutes and no more than 30. What do you do within this time span?

Simply Rest... Do nothing more than to enjoy the freedom of this time. Be at peace with yourself. Free yourself from the affairs of life. Slow down your thoughts and the pace of your thinking. If you are a person who is always talking within your mind, turn the switch off. Become quiet in every detail of yourself. That includes spirit, soul and body. Just relax and rest - be still - be free.

Task 2: The Next 15 Minutes After Quiet Time

What you do immediately after your quiet time will have a significant impact upon the remainder of your day. This is why you must implement what we are about to discuss.

A. Please Be Purposely Kind To Another Person

Your upcoming busy day is busy simply due to it being filled with encountering people. We live in a people world. Approximately 97% of your day will consist of interrelating/interacting to and with other people.

Thus the reason why you need to start your day off right by being kind to someone you know.

It will put you into the right mood for dealing with people. It will cause you to see the best in others. It will create within your thinking the attitude of love, friendship and respect for others. This is a great success key to victory within life and business.

Trait 3: Review Your Day

We are not asking you to plan your day - as you would have completed such a plan the evening before. Rather you are to simply review your day. Understand what is in store and the amount of time required for each event. Make any changes you think will be needed to ensure a smooth and profitable day.

A. Your Day Goal: Yes we all have goals we want to achieve on any given day. But those goals are not your day goal. Then what is a day goal?

It is to complete your day in the same state of rest and relaxation as you started your day.

After all, personal health and well being ought to be your number one goal every day of your life. Within personal health and wellbeing, all other goals are meaningless.

Task 4: Learn To Say No

People will take your time if you are willing to give it. Therefore you must learn to say no when people ask you to do things that are not part of your planned day.

Task 5: Delegate

This is the #1 problem with salespeople. They tend to waste their time on administrative work. Your job is to prospect. This is how you earn income. Therefore you need to delegate administrative work to support staff.

Task 6: Hire

Another problem with salespeople is that they do all the prospecting efforts on their own. A better solution is to hire a part-time employee to do your general prospecting for you - such as neighbors to a listing or survey calls into your farm areas. This will free you up to focus on more urgent prospects needing your service now. (Part-time staff works 20 hours per week.)

Task 7 - Color Your Daily Tasks

One way to guarantee you complete the various goals you have for your day is to write them out in their urgency color.

For example: "Red ink means must be done.

By coloring your activities, you will automatically find yourself focusing on their attainment. The result - you have more productive and effective days.

Task 8: Stop Procrastinating

We could write months of lessons on procrastination in an effort to eliminate it from your life. And perhaps we should! However, what we want to discuss today is how to IDENTIFY procrastination through a single word. What word?

* The word is BUT.

If you were to examine your use of words, you will quickly come to realize that before you procrastinate, the word 'but' is usually to be found.

* The word 'but' precedes procrastination 97% of the time.

So the best way for you to tackle your procrastination problem is to stop as soon as you hear yourself saying the word BUT.

Then write down what you're thinking is concerning the subject matter causing the word but to materialize.

Now ask yourself this question:

* Is my thinking correct on that but line of thought?

You will find, more often or not, that your thinking is not correct. All you need to do is simply ignore the 'but' and carry on with the task.

Task 9: Start Doing

Life offers no guarantees. Yet how often do we demand guarantees. Yes I'll buy that training program, if you guarantee I will list 5 homes per week. Sorry, life offers no guarantees.

Rather it offers principles. There are principles to success. If you apply the principles, you will experience some measure of success. Therefore you must start doing, as doing is the first success principle.

Task 10: Submission

Just try not submitting to stop signs and you'll soon find yourself in an accident. Submission is the foundational principle of success. The more you make the decision to submit yourself to the business you are in - the more you will experience success.

You must submit to success principles such as: time management, time planning, prospecting, servicing, learning, tools, training and the list goes on. The more you become a skilled student to each submission item, the more success you will experience.

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