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To be a top agent you need the right real estate training!

To be a "top producer" real estate agent you need proper training and education. Don't believe us? Just ask any top producer!

Remember... the agent who stops "growing" is the agent who stops learning and improving his/her skills!

Real Estate Training Articles By Randy Roussie  

Real Estate Training Articles By Real Estate Trainer Randy Roussie:

Below you will find a collection of free real estate training articles. There articles are on many different training topics, from FSBOs, General Prospecting, Sellers, Buyers, Personal Growth, and a lot more!

Directory of Real Estate Training Articles & Lessons:

1. General Business, Marketing, & Advertising:

article The 5 Pillars Of Real Estate Agent Success --- The purpose of this article is to outline the major areas you must develop to experience success as an agent; the 5 pillars of success.

article How To Show You Are Listening To Your Prospects --- This article teaches you how to show prospects and clients that you are really listening to them. This is a 'must have' skill for any agent.

article Preparing For Leads; Segmenting Your Lead Prospecting --- This article discusses prospecting for leads and why it requires you to properly segment your two major target groups.

article How To Use 'Thank You Notes' For More Listings & Sales! --- This article discusses a very important "relationship building" technique for more listing and sales, the use of "Thank You Notes".

article The Telephone As A Prospecting Tool For Agents --- This article will discuss the telephone and how you as a real estate agent can use it as an effective prospecting tool for your business.

article Hiring An Assistant, Helpful Tips, When To Hire, & More --- This article will give you some tips on when to hire an assistant, why you should hire one, and what to look for when hiring.

article Six (6) Simple Ways To Get More Referrals --- This article will show you some simple ways real estate agents can follow to get more referrals. Referrals are key to being a successful agent!

article Real Estate Letters For Just Listed Marketing --- This article has two (2) examples of "Just Listed Letters" to use in your marketing, and why you should use them.

article When A Listing Appointment Fails... Understanding Why, Tips, & More --- This article will discuss why listing appointments fail and tips for better performance next time.

article How To Get Out Of A Sales Slump --- This article shows you some effective ways you can get out of a "sales slump", many agents experience a decline in sales from time to time!

2. Working With / Marketing & Prospecting Home Sellers:

article The Top 22 Closes For Realtors When On A Listing Appointment --- This article will show you the top 22 most effective closes that real estate agents use. This is a must read training article!

article Getting The Listing, How To Increase Your Odds! --- This article explains ways you can increase your odds of getting the listing when on a listing appointment with potential listing clients.

article How To Defuse Homeowner Anger --- This article explains how to deal with homeowner anger when on a listing appointment and dealing with homeowners.

article How To Put A Homeowner At Ease --- This article will show you how to put the homeowner at easy. It is very important for you to put the homeowner at ease in terms of securing the listing.

article Tips For A Successful Listing Presentation & Listing Appointment --- This article has some tips for a smoother and more successful listing appointment and presentation.

article A Four (4) Step Plan On How To Get The Listing Priced Right --- This article outlines a four (4) step plan that you can use to get a client to reduce the asking price of a property.

3. Working With / Marketing & Prospecting Home Buyers:

article Making The Offer / The Offer Presentation --- This article explains the "offer presentation". This is critical area many real estate agents need to sharpen their skills on to increase offer acceptance.

article How To Initiate The Offer Process With A Buyer --- This article will show you how to effectively initiate "The Offer Process" with a buyer client, using the ‘signature close’ method.

4. Working With / Marketing & Prospecting FSBOs (For Sale By Owners):

article Prospect 'For Sale By Owners' Without To Speaking To Them 'Face To Face' --- This article will discuss how to prospect FSBOs (for sale by owners) "passively" & without speaking to FSBOs in person.

article Five (5) Tips On How To Deal With Difficult FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) --- This article explains way that real estate agents follow to deal with hard to please FSBOs (for sale by owners).

article Intelligently Prospect A FSBO On First Contact --- This article shows you how to better prospect local FSBOs, for sale by owners, on "first contact", when first talking with them.

5. Farm Area Prospecting, Marketing & Adverting:

article Farm Area Marketing & Why A 'Farm Area' Is So Important! --- This article will discuss why agents should have a farm area, especially those who want a "referral based" real estate business!

article The 2 "Q's" Of Farm Area Marketing! --- This article will explain the two "Q's" of farm area marketing - Quality and Quantity - and why they are so important to your success!

article Seven (7) Unique Ways To Market & Advertise To Your Farm Area --- This article has some unique marketing ideas for your farm area, beyond traditional marketing.

6. Internet / Web Site / Email:

article The Top 7 "Web Site Mistakes" On Realtor Web Sites --- This article will show you the most common mistakes real estate agents and realty companies make on their web sites.

article Take Control of Your Outgoing Email --- This article will teach you ways to make sure email to your clients/prospects is not blocked by spam filters or redirected into their Bulk-Spam folders.

article Email Etiquette For Real Estate Agents --- This article will give you some tips on proper "Email Etiquette"; how to communicate more effectually and "professionally".

7. Search Engines & Online Marketing:

article PPC / Search Engine Advertising For Real Estate Agents --- This article will give you a brief introduction to PPC advertising with regards to search engines like Yahoo & Google.

8. Self Improvement / Success Habits:

article Ten (10) Tasks To Drastically Improve Your Results --- This article will discuss 10 tasks you can implement into your business to drastically improve your results and income.

article Five Success Habits Of 'Top Producer' Agents --- This article will discuss 5 "success habits" followed by "top producer" real estate agents.

article Time Management: Putting "Scrap Time" To Better Use --- This article discusses some "time management" ideas for agents. Time is money, so the better you use your time the better your income!

article Agents, Learn How To Build Your Self-Talk --- This article explains how successful people are successful thinkers. They are professional thought managers.

9. Miscellaneous Training Articles:

article The Back Of Your Business Card --- This article shows you some simple yet effective tips for using the back of your business card. Don't just waste the valuable space on the back of your card!

article Real Estate Glossary, A to F --- A comprehensive glossary of real estate & mortgage terms.

article Real Estate Glossary, G to O --- A comprehensive glossary of real estate & mortgage terms.

article Real Estate Glossary, P to Z --- A comprehensive glossary of real estate & mortgage terms.


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Training articles in this section written by real estate trainer Randy Roussie. Randy has been a real estate trainer since 1987 and he is the author of over 30 real estate training programs. He, and his company Achieve Ace Ltd, has developed many unique training products and services for agents.

Training Tip:
The right agent training should clearly show how to achieve success by developing skills.


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