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Randy Roussie
Success Coach

Entrepreneur, Author & Elite Performance Strategist Since 1987!

Randy has been a real estate trainer, success author, and success coach since 1987... helping agents to pursue their unique real estate goals.

Simply continue reading to learn more on how Randy's experience, training programs, and marketing solutions can help you to reach your elite performance lifestyle.

About Trainer Randy Roussie, Training Since 1987!  

Achieve Ace Ltd.

Mr. Roussie is the owner of Achieve Ace Ltd., a global real estate training corporation training over 20,000+ agents per week. Since 1987 he has helped agents from all over the globe to sell more homes... regardless of market conditions.

  • Randy is able to help them make more money, with less difficulty, and at a very fast pace, (83% experience rapid success within just 30 days of first investing into his full services), all thanks to his various real estate training programs, marketing systems, products, personal mentoring, success coaching, and online seminars.

A Personal Message From Randy Roussie

Before you invest into any of my programs, please allow me the opportunity to share with you my experience. After all, if you are to invest in real estate training it just makes sense to ensure the real estate trainer has years of proven experience and results!

My Experience... How I Became A Success Trainer!

I started my real estate career in 1986 and within just 6 months of becoming an agent I earned, for my company, the national income ranking of 18th out of over 6000 agents. Needless to say my Broker, Fred, was amazed. He asked me how I had achieved this outstanding result within such a short period of time. Here is what I shared with my Broker.

Step 1: Success begins with internal speech... or what I call 'self-talk'.
Step 2: Then external speech must match up with internal self-talk.
Step 3: It is not 'sales ability' but rather "marketing expertise' an agent requires.
Step 4: Their name must be marketed and not their listing inventory.
Step 5: Follow up is where 98% of sales are generated.
Step 6: 80% of sales happen between the 5th to 12th follow up point.
Step 7: Training is 10% of the success formula while 'ambition' is 90%.

Once my Broker understood the simplicity of my lead system he immediately implemented it into his company for the benefit of all of his agents. He set up an entire department to handle marketing for his agents based upon my methods and strategies. It was at this time agents began coming to me seeking personal direction on how to succeed. This was the beginning of my real estate training company.

Hey Agents... If I Can Succeed So Can You!

Success is not a talent given to a special few at birth. The ingredients of success are nothing more than learned skills, plenty of hard work, investment of time, and personal dedication to goals!

If you are willing to invest the time required to learn the skills, develop the personal dedication performance demands of you, the proper speech to support your dedication, and the patience to see it through... then you will experience success.

Where Should You Begin?

By understanding the business.

  • Real estate sales is not really about sales at all.
  • Rather it is about getting people to give you a call whenever they want to sell and buy a home.
  • And for this to happen the public must know your name and how to contact you.


  • Your Name is the Secret to Success!

Said another way...

  • If they don't know you, they can't call you!

This Is Where Marketing Comes Into Play!

Success is impossible if you refuse to market. Now marketing is not a 1 hit wonder. Marketing is best defined as Concept 12, with initial contact and 11 subsequent follow up efforts. (80% of sales happen between follow up contact points 5 to 12.) If your marketing does not consist of 12 unique points of contact then you are missing out on 98% of your income.

Once again... a good real estate trainer, and his real estate training programs, will cover both points... giving you the best chance at success.

Next Are Your 2 Most Important Tools!

How good could a dentist possibly be if he refused to own the tools of his trade? The same applies to real estate agents, yet 86% refuse to invest in all the tools required for elite performance. What are the tools required for success?

1. Your Listing Presentation - An Essential Real Estate Training Component

You must make sure you have a listing presentation that solves the top 12 problems homeowners want resolved on a listing appointment. And your listing presentation must give the 'right' image about yourself to the homeowner. After all, in real life people do judge a book by its cover. And homeowners will make a judgment about you based upon the professional appearance of your listing presentation.

This is why we recommend the '12 Reasons Why To List With Me!' listing presentation. It has been purposely designed to give you the advantage when on listing appointments. My real estate experience has been implemented into my Real Estate Training programs to give you the absolute best.

2. Your Reach for Leads

Any "top producer" knows you need to get your name in front of prospects in order to succeed. This doesn't just include selling homes, but also includes things like advertising and personal promotion. Two of the most powerful promotional tools are portfolios and postcards.



A good place to start!

And Don't Forget About Ongoing Training

In order to stay on top of the business you must constantly be updating your education and training. This includes learning new skills (as well as re-learning old skills), keeping 'up to date' with technology, and more. This is why we recommend the many real estate training programs outlined on this site.

Each real estate training program will give you the latest 'expertise' needed to reach your maximum potential. Please invest some time to review each in detail. You can go here to quickly access the training programs as offered by real estate trainer Randy Roussie.

Also, if you are looking to go to school to update your skills, get certifications, etc., then you should visit our "educational resources" page. This area contains links to many real estate schools and training institutes around the USA and Canada.

Finally... for free real estate training articles and other resources please visit the "Free Real Estate Training" area on this web site.


Remember... we first form habits and then habits form us.

When it comes to success... it is nothing more than a well formed and intelligently designed habit. If you really want to close 100+ ends per year it all begins by making an investment into becoming an elite real estate professional... supported with continual marketing.

And I hope you decide to make this investment today!

Hope... by definition is...

  • "the absolute certainty of what you desire will comes to pass."

Without hope, struggle and failure thrive.

Your Friend
Randy Roussie
Your Real Estate Trainer & Success Coach Since 1987!


If you always do what you've always done, you will always be where you've always been. Nothing changes until you do. Embracing both marketing and hard work is your first step in the right direction.


Marketing is how you make money. Actually it is the ONLY way for you to make money as an agent. Training is how you discover the systems required to market effectively. Therefore, your investment into success should be 10% towards training and 90% towards marketing.

Training Tip:
Training is about building "life long" habits for long term and "always increasing" success.


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